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Stone & Glass
Industry sector (HS Code) Chapters [68] - [70] Stone & Glass
Number of companies 397
Location Worldwide
  You can refine your search by Industry Sector below.
Refine by Industry Sector [Chapters 68-70] Number of companies
Setts, Curbstones, Flagstones, of Natural Stone (Except Slate)
Worked Monumental or Building Stone (Except Slate) and Articles Thereof
Worked Slate and Articles of Slate or of Agglomerated Slate
Millstones, Grindstones, Grinding Wheels and the Like
Natural or Artificial Abrasive Powder, on a Base of Paper
Slag Wool, Rack Wool, Mineral Wools; Expended Mineral Materials
Articles of Asphalt or of Similar Material
Panels, Boards, Tiles, Blocks and Similar Articles
Articles of Plaster or of Compositions Base on Plaster
Articles of Cement, of Concrete or of Artificial Stone
Articles of Asbestos-cement, of Cellulose Fibre-cement or the Like
Fabricated Asbestos Fibres; Articles of Asbestos
Friction Materials and Articles Thereof, for Brakes, for Clutches
Worked Mica and Articles of Mica
Articles of Stones or of Other Mineral Substances
Bricks, Blocks, Tiles and Other Ceramic Goods of Siliceous Fossil Meals
Refractory Bricks, Blocks, Tiles & Similar Refractory Ceramic Goods
Other Refractory Bricks, Blocks, Tiles & Similar Refractory Goods
Ceramic Building Bricks, Flooring Blocks, Support or Filler Tiles
Roofing Tiles, Chimney-pots, Cowls, Other Ceramic Constructional Goods
Ceramic Pipes, Conducts, Guttering and Pipe Fittings
Unglazed Ceramic Flags and Paving, Hearth or Wall Tiles; Mosaic Cubes
Glazed Ceramic Flags and Paving, Hearth or Wall Tiles; Mosaic Cubes
Ceramic Wares for Laboratory, Chemical or Other Technical uses
Ceramic Sinks, Wash Basins, Baths, Bidets, and Similar Sanitary Fixtures
Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household Articles, Toilet Articles
Ceramic Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household Articles, Toilet Articles
Statuettes and Other Ornamental Ceramic Articles
Other Ceramic Articles
Cullet and Other Waste and Scrap of Glass; Glass in the Mass
Glass in Balls (Other than Microspheres), Rods or Tubes, Unworked
Cast Glass and Rolled Glass, in Sheets or Profiles
Drawn Glass and Blown Glass, in Sheets
Float Glass and Surface Ground or Polished Glass, in Sheet
Cast Glass, Rolled Glass, Drawn Glass, Blown Glass, Float Glass, Worked
Safety Glass, Consisting of Toughened or Laminated Glass
Multipule-walled Insulating Units of Glass
Glass Mirrors, Including Rear-view Mirrors
Containers of Glass; Preserving Jars of Glass; Closures of Glass
Glass Envelopes, Open, and Glass Parts Thereof, Without Fittings
Glass Inners for Vacuum Flasks or for Other Vacuum Vessels
Glassware of a Kind Used for Table, Kitchen, Toilet or Similar Purposes
Signalling Glassware, Optical Elements of Glass, Not Optically Worked
Clock or Watch Glasses; Hollow Glass Spheres and Their Segments
Paving Blacks, Slabs, Bricks, of Pressed or Moulded Glass; Glass Cubes
Laboratory, Hygienic or Pharmaceutical Glassware
Glass Beads, Imitation Pearls and Similar Glass Small Wares; Glass Eyes
Glass Fibres and Articles Thereof
Other Articles of Glass
397   Companies Found Showing Page:   of 8
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
we are Leading Manufacturer and Exporters of ceramic sanitary ware like washbasin, washbasin with pedestal, One Piece Toilet,Two Piece Toilet,Close Couple Toilet,Squatting Pan,Water Closet, urinal, bathroom accessories from india
Chaozhou Ceramic Bazhenlou Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Chaozhou Ceramic Bazhenlou Co.,Ltd. is located at the biggest ceramic production and export base of China -- CHAOZHOU city. The factory building covers an area of 10,000 square meters
Kunshan Zhongxing Glass Utensil Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have introduced advanced management engineering from overseas supported by senior technical experts. The company occupies an area of more than 50Mu and has 960 employees with up to 671 technical backbones.
Seed Mosaic Enterprises Ltd. [Canada]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are a leader in mosaic manufacturer in Shunde China. We design and produce quality glass, stone, and metal mosaic products. We have established a distribution point in Vancouver, Canada to secure a network hub for the North American market.
Fujian Nan'an Huadong Stone co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
wholesale of the heteromorphic building stone, e.g. marble, granite large slab, profiling stone line, stone sculpture handcraft, column, curved board, block,gravestone, as well as undertake the construction.
Zhejiang Xixi Glass Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Originally established in 1988, our company has developed into such a company that integrates manufacturing, production and trade.
"Budmax" [Ukraine]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Retailer, Distributor / Wholesaler]
We're leading wholesaler of building materials in central Poland. If you are interested in importing from us visit our website to see our products.
Aadithya Associates [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are large manufacturer of granite stones, mirror polished granite slabs, tiles, paving stones, foot path tiles, garden decorative stones, wall tiles. We would like to start bussiness / trading in Brunei.
ACE Stone (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
we specialize in the produce of both imported & domestic stone products, including granites & marbles, slabs /tiles, cut-to-size, special moldings, columns, paving stones, curb stones, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, etc.
Allammia Co. for Import and Export [Egypt]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
We are an imprort and export company from Egypt .We import wood and export marble and granite.
Allied Enterprise (Hk) Limited [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
At Allied Enterprise (HK) Limited we are very much in contact with all kinds of manufacturers for all types of products and goods ranging from raw material, construction material, consumable goods, furniture, to machinery of all types.
Alpha & Omega International [South Africa]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Government, Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Cement Rice Sugar Etc this is our speciality
Ambika Stone Industries [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are manufacturing lime stone slabs & want to export to international...
Amita Stone Polisher And Cutter [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Government, Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are having our own qurriers and prosseing unit of koya stone, modak sandstone &mandana sandstone.
Andehui Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
Glasswool rockwool gypsum board mineral fiber ceiling board and drywall screws supplier from china Msn: hbadh_business@yahoo. Com. Cn Skype:anvey99
Anping Sunshine Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Anping Sunshine Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. one of the largest professional cast iron bathtub manufacturer in China, specializing in export of types of cast iron bathtub.
Antares Co ltd. [Russia]
[IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
Our company import Cement, Sulphur. Export Urea, Wheat.
Apexstone Amoy Marble & Granite [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Apexstone is a XiamenChina based stone manufacturer and global supplier of marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, limestone and engineering stone products.
Arts Impex [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are Manufacture & EXPORTER. Of decorative & hand-crafted Brass Bells, Sleigh Bells, Ankle Bells, Jingle Bells, Brass bells wind chime, , Dorji bells, Finger cymbals, Ting saw Bells, Glass Beads,Messing Glocken, Wind Chimes, ghungroos, Klemme etc.
As Istanbul Stones [Turkey]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Aside from our own quarries, we are in agreement with several quarries distributed in entire Turkey, assuring any type or variety of marble, travertine and limestone blocks, slabs and all the possible tile formats.
B.G Exports [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are introducing ourselves as professional manufacturer & exporter, dealing in many kinds of stone products, such as natural stone, slate, limestone, tile, sandstone, pebbles, granite, marble and all kind of natural stones. You can browse our websit
Badia Design [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
we specialize in moroccan architecture material and we ship to all over the world,moroccan lightings,moroccan tiles,moroccan furniture,moroccan rugs
Baimda [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
公司简介 佛山市佰雅卫浴洁具有限公司是一家现代卫浴洁具的专业生产厂家,主要生产佰美达蒸汽房、按摩缸、淋浴房、淋浴柱、普通浴缸、浴室柜等系列卫浴产品,自本厂成立以来,锐意开拓市场,紧跟国际潮流,引进了满足不同生产品位的新产品,使产品种类不断向多元化发展,设计风格大胆创新,独具个性化,富有时代感,产品具有清新明亮,抗污、防潮、安全耐用等特点。
Bali Water Feature [Indonesia]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
Bali Water Feature (Indonesia) is a manfacturer and exporter of Indonesian garden water feature and ourdoor-indoor water fountains. Bali Water Feature specializes in water features and fountains made of natural stone, of cast stone, or of terrazzo.
Baostone Inc. [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Since its opening. adhering to the principle of 'Your Attentive Stone Factory', we continually make our company more powerful and bigger. Our products mainly include Vanity top、Counter top、Marble sink、Mosaic、Quartz Stone、Compound Tile、Thin Tile、Fireplace、
Baotian Crafts Gifts Factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Founded in 1982, we are engaging in manufacture of glass thermometer. In 2004, it was transformed into a privately funded enterprise, and now takes business in manufacturing various glass crafts&gifts.
Bei Jing Zhenghang Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Founded in 1987, we are engaged in the China Aviation Industry Corporation civilian wall, SHELTERED glass, aluminum, Plastic windows, decorative metal, metal structures, the professional interior decoration company.
Beijing Fortune Packaging Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Beijing Fortune Packaging is a professional manufacturer of glass bottles. Including glass wine bottles, glass beer bottles, glass beverage bottles, glass perfume bottles, glass cosmetic bottle, glass pharmaceutical bottles, tube perfume bottles etc.
Beijing JCD glass co,,ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Our company professiona produce all kinds of glass,include laminated glass ,tempered glass,insulting glass and other glass
Beijing North Glass Safety Glass Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Our main products with CE CERTIFICATE as follows: 1) Flat tempered glass & bending/curved tempered glass, 2) Laminated glass & insulating glass 3) Hurrican window glass 4) Screen Printing glass. 5) Bulletproof glass 6) Anti-burglary glass
Beijing Shunyixiang CO.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Retailer, Distributor / Wholesaler]
Established in 1996, Shunyixiang Glass Co., LTD, (the previous Tianli Glass Supply Company), is located to the west of Water Authority of Nancai, south of Shunping expressway in Nancai town, Shunyi District of Beijing.
Beijing Voforever Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Dear Sir, We are one excellent carving company, we have factories in China and we can provide perfect stone, cast, brass status at acceptable price. Please send us your request we can carve everything. Regards,
Bharani Granites [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We supply all kinds of granites and marbles any number of quantities. We supply best export quality granites with the best price and best quality.
Blue sky International trade Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
Our company was founded in 2005, and started our venture in the market economy in China. We aimed to be developing gradually, accumulating experience and exploring the development trend of the market. We are eager to know about more countries, more people
Brother Stone(Xiamen)Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are professional of stone manufacturer and exporter ,the stone products we supply include: Granite,Marble, Sandstone, Slate, pebble, and theirof products: Tiles & Slab, Countertop & Vanity top, landscape stone, pave stone, Tombstone, Stone Sculpture...
Chance Door International Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
My company is major supplier of quality labware and medical disposals in China,We are mainly handling the following fields: 1. Laboratory instruments 2. Laboratory plasticware 3. Laboratory glassware 4. Metal labware 5.
Changsha Reliene Import and Export Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Changsha Reliene Import & Export Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful “star city” of China—Changsha in Hunan province. It has the three famous China cities, Liling in Hunan province, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province, Foshan in Guangdong province...
Changshu Dongyu Insulated Compound Materials Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
The mainly products are Chopped Strand Mat; Auto roof Mat; Fiberglass Cloth; Woven Roving; Fiberglass Tissue; Spray Up Roving; Direct Roving; Roving For CSM; SMC Roving; Chopped Strands; Fiberglass Yarn, Steel wire fiberglass cloth.
Changshu Linzhi Electric Technique CO.LTD. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
It is a Sino-Koren Joint Venture,specializing in the production of halogen bulbs of H(s )and 9000(s).Our assets are totally 230 million RMB.Our company imported advanced production equipment from Korea and invited sound experts from home and abroad.
chaozhou kadenlo ceramic industries co.,ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
KADENLO is a leading professional manufacture which specialize in producing and selling super thin counter basin,counter basin,artistic basin series.KADENLO adopts advanced production line and uses crystal glaze combined with jade clay to make the ceram
Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co., Ltd. the branch of Sichuan Weibo is located in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province P.R. China.
Chin Chang Silicasandsand Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
China Dalian Kanglida Yaohua Glass Corp. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are a leading exporter and manufacturer in China for various types of plate glass , mirror ,glass clip frame and glass ware. With the large quantity, we are currently exporting to more than 80 countries worldwide
china europe business center [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
China Laizhou Borrello Stone Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
China Borrello Stone Co., Ltd. is one professional stone company. Base on our local abundance stone quarries, we produce wide range of stone products. include: Granite slabs, Granite tiles, Marble, Natural stone, Pebble stone, Crushed stone, Gravel, Sands
China Victory Stone [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
China Victory Stone is a professional manufacturer on natural stone products, granite and marble products are supplied for kitchen and bath, garden and landscapes, decoration and building projects. Please visit our site for more information.
China Xiamen Capot Stone Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Xiamen Capot Stone Co., Ltd. ( faye@capotstone.com ) supplies granite, marble, blue limestone products, such as countertop,tile,slab,vanity top,monument,memorial,tombstone,headstone,stone carving,fountain,stone statue sculpture,kerbstone,bench table top
China Xiamen Google Stone Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
We have a very experienced and effective team is responsible for the production, sales and service. Adhering to the tenet: honesty, hard work, innovation,
China Xuzhou Glass Bottle Factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We produce many kinds of wine bottles with capacity from 30ML to 2500ML, e.g. Ratafee bottle, Grape wine bottle, Brandy bottle, Mini bottle and Red wine bottle, etc.,we can also supply different kinds of caps (plastic caps and aluminum caps etc.) and make
China Xuzhou Glassware Factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
China Xuzhou Glassware Factory (China Xuzhou Dahua Glassware Co., Ltd.) is specialized in glassware production and export. http://www.867788.cn
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