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World Trade Law
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Resources - World Trade Law
(IFC) Member of The World Bank Group
Law Library (International Finance Corp)

The Doing Business law library is the largest free online collection of business laws and regulations.

They link to official government sources wherever possible. Translations are not official unless indicated otherwise. They update the collection regularly but are unable to guarantee that laws are the most recent version.

Find the following legal information by country:
Banking and Credit Laws (Getting Credit, Protecting Investors)
Bankruptcy and Collateral Laws (Closing a Business, Getting Credit - Legal Rights)
Civil Codes (Starting a Business, Registering Property)
Civil Procedure Codes (Enforcing Contracts, Closing a Business, Protecting Investors)
Commercial and Company Laws (Starting a Business, Protecting Investors, Closing a Business)
Constitutions (Starting a Business, Employing Workers, Registering Property, Enforcing Contracts)
Labor Laws (Employing Workers)
Land and Building Laws (Dealing with Licenses, Registering Property)
Privacy Laws (Getting Credit - Private/Public Credit Bureaus)
Securities Laws (Protecting Investors)
Tax Laws (Paying Taxes)
Trade Laws (Trading Across Borders)
International Chamber of Commerce
Resolving Business Disputes Worldwide (ICC)
The International Chamber of Commerce has long been the world’s leading organization in the field of international commercial dispute resolution. Since its creation, the Court has administered over 17,000 international arbitration cases involving parties and arbitrators from some 180 countries and territories.
International Court of Arbitration
Resolving Business Dispute Worldwide

Available in PDF (5,409 KB). Click to download.

- Advantages of arbitration
- The New York Convention of 1958
- ICC arbitration: distinctive features
- Drafting the arbitration agreement
- Processing a Request for Arbitration under the ICC Rules
- The ICC arbitral process
- Other dispute resolution services
Legal Handbook for Global Sourcing Contracts (ICC)
Nearly every company is involved at some stage in sourcing a vital business function or service to an outside service provider.
The ICC Legal Handbook on Global Sourcing Contracts responds to the needs of the business community for information in this area, providing an introduction to business — especially small- and medium-sized enterprises — to some key issues that may arise in these sourcing transactions, with a focus on international transactions.

ICC Legal Handbook on Global Sourcing Contracts
Click to read table of contents.
Cost 60.00 EUR Order now
Member of The World Bank Group
Alternative Dispute Resolution Manual (International Finance Corp)
Efficient dispute resolution is a necessary component of dynamic business environments and increases investor confidence. In both developed and developing countries, court systems are often back-logged and may fail to meet business needs.
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers a more cooperative approach, helping to preserve underlying business relationships. Stand-alone ADR programs lighten court caseloads and move at the speed of business. A number of hybrid systems are also in use, which interact with the formal judicial system and allow disputants to pursue a tailored solution.

Available in PDF (3,312 KB). Click to download.

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